Best Espresso Martini recipe 2020

Most of us must have tried many cocktails like the mojito, screwdriver, sex on the beach, etc. Here I am sharing the recipe of a cocktail that is coffee-flavored. This is an espresso martini recipe. According to me every cocktail lover must try this espresso cocktail.

This cocktail basically is a coffee-flavored and very simple and easy to make. Espresso Martini is basically flavored with a liqueur Kahlúa. Kahlúa basically is a coffee-flavored liqueur and you can also use any other coffee-flavored liqueur but according to me Kahlúa would be best for this cocktail.

Story behind this Espresso martini recipe

Kahlúa Espresso Maritni there’s an urban legend behind this, that it was created in the 1980s at a Soho London bar for a certain supermodel. Apparently, she requested that the bartender make her a drink with espresso, like a martini, and this is what he came up with.

No one really knows the name of the supermodel or bartender, so that’s why it seems more like a legend to me. Anyway, what we’re going to need for this drink: Kahlúa, vodka, espresso. So we’ve got our shaker and a martini glass.

For this espresso martini, you just need a few ingredients and you are good to go. just a few steps and the espresso martini is ready to drink, so here is the recipe.

espresso martinis recipe
Espresso Martini recipe


1.Vodka2 oz
2.Kahlúa(Coffee flavored liqueur)1 1/2 oz
3.Simple syrup1/2 oz
4.Espresso (freshly brewed)1 oz

Method Of Espresso Martini Recipe

  • Firstly, take a shaker and add all the ingredients(vodka, liqueur,syrup and espresso) to it one by one.
  • Now crush some ice
  • Then, add the crushed ice to the shaker.
  • Now, shake the shaker properly.
  • Take a cocktail glass and strain the cocktail finely with a strainer to the glass.
  • Finally, garnish the cocktail with some coffee beans .
  • The espresso martini cocktail is now ready to served.

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