Easy and tasty cheesecake recipe

We know that almost everyone loves dessert, so keeping this in mind I have shared some dessert recipes earlier like pannacotta and peppermint cupcakes. now I am sharing an Easy and tasty cheesecake recipe. A cheesecake is basically a cake consisting of one or more layers. Cheesecakes are basically classified as unbaked or baked. The thick layer of the cheesecake consists of sugar, eggs, and cream cheese or ricotta cheese. The crust is made of digestive cookies, or we can use sponge cake. Let’s start with the best cheesecake recipe:-

easy and tasty cheesecake recipe
Easy and tasty cheesecake recipe

Ingredients for easy and tasty cheesecake recipe

For cheesecake crust

1.Digestive biscuit crumbs160 gm
2.Melted butter7 gm
3.White sugar3 Tbsp
4.SaltA pinch

For cheesecake

1.Cream cheese 900 g
2.White sugar 200 g
3.Sour cream 160 g
4.vanilla essence1 ½ Tsp
5.Salt½ Tsp
6.Lightly beat eggs at room temperature4 large


  1. In a bowl put digestive biscuit crumbs, melted butter, sugar, and a pinch of salt then mix it properly.
  2. Now preheat the oven at around 160 degrees Celsius.
  3. Now take a cake pan ( usually spring foam) and add the crumb mixture to it. Then press the mixture in the bottom and half the sides of the mixture so that it firmly sets both on the bottom and sides. Keep it aside.
  4. Take a bowl add cream cheese to it and using a hand blender stir it till creamy consistency.
  5. Now add sugar, vanilla extract, and salt to it and again mix it properly.
  6. Now add sour cream to it and mix it properly so that all the ingredients are incorporated properly.
  7. Now beat all the eggs little in a bowl.
  8. Now while mixing the better add all the beaten eggs to it and mix it till all the eggs are incorporated in it.
  9. Pour the batter of the cheesecake to the pan earlier prepared with the crust.
  10. Finally, transfer the pan to the oven and bake it for around 1 hour 10 minutes at around 160 degrees Celsius.
  11. Now remove it from the oven and allow it to cool for 15 minutes then gently loosen the cake and take it out. The crust must be lightly golden brown.
  12. Now allow it to cool at room temperature for around 80 minutes and then allow it to cool for around 7 hours.
  13. Finally, top the cheesecake with some strawberries and whipped cream and the cheesecake is ready to eat.

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