Easy and tasty vodka lemonade recipe!!!

It is basically a vodka-based cocktail drink, the recipe of the cocktail looks very much ordinary but the results we get after the lemonade is prepared is extraordinary in its looks and taste. so here is the easy and tasty vodka lemonade recipe:-

Ingredients vodka lemonade

  1. Fresh lemons (40 ml)
  2. Cranberry juice (40 ml)
  3. Sprite (510 ml)
  4. Vodka (90 ml)
  5. Malibu (30 ml)

easy and tasty vodka lemonade recipe

  1. Take a pitcher add cranberry juice , vodka , Malibu and lemon juice
  2. Add 2 cubes of ice and mix it properly
  3. At last add the sprite to it and serve immediately.


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