Best classic mojito cocktail recipe 2020

Hi foodohoolics and I’m gonna be sharing the most refreshing classic mojito Cocktail recipe for you. Mojito is a cocktail that almost everyone has heard of as its very simple to make. Mojito is a simple and very refreshing cocktail, as mint and lemon are an essential ingredient in it.

. Mojito Cocktail is a very special drink it’s one of my favorites a couple of reasons why primarily because there’s a lot of theater making this drink and and also there’s a terrific balance let me start with lime sugar and so this a cocktail that’s muddled that’s another part of the theater that we are associate with don’t.

However we only muddle the lime to extract the juice we don’t muddle the mint. The mint what I do is like I clap-it or I spank it which is a fun term to use that also creates more theater because when you’re clapping mint in a room or an are into your home all via aromatics from the mint.

Actually penetrates the space the reason why I’m using crushed ice is a there’s a great significant reason because if you use ifyou look at the volume in a glass you talk with soda at the very end of all right.

So depending on how much space is left in your glass that’s gonna determine how much soda you add crushed ice conforms to the glass if you were to use it. Cubes you’re gonna have a lot of space in there and so you’re gonna add more water and you’re gonna get a watered-down drink.

What we’re trying is to achieve here is a balanced cocktail and not to mention we use a really terrific rum in this particular case Bacardi Rum which is the original mixing spirit for mojito this rum is great because it doesn’t get lost in the cocktail and it doesn’t dominate the flavor. So again coming back to balance these are all the things that you all want.

So I kind of lead towards this as being a home bartender’s cocktail the reason being when you’re at home and some of the best bartenders that I know are on the bartenders because you have the time to actually you know take care of your thoughts Dylan nurture it in the proper way you’re not handling through just kind of like pulling stuff together when you’re making them we heat though it takes a lot of care and attention the Mojito.

It’s interesting because the name is from Africa originate from the word mojo Singh we all know Austin Powers and it’s a movie where he lost his mojo mojo it means to cast a spell on someone and so this is a tiny version which so the Spanish would call a mojito we have as the garnish sugar cane mint icing sugar. So here is the easy homemade refreshing mojito cocktail recipe .

Nutritional information of this easy homemade refreshing mojito cocktail recipe

Fats                                          0.1 gCarbs                                        4.6 g
Fiber                                          0 gSugar                                        4.3 g
Protein                                    0.4 gSalt                                               0 g
Kcal                                        158Saturates                                    0 g


  1. Fresh mint      – Hand full
  2. Lemon juice   – 1 big lemon
  3. Sugar syrup    – 2 tsp
  4. White rum      – 600 ml
  5. Soda                  – for taste

Method for this mojito cocktail

  • Take a muddler and add some mint and lemon juice to it and muddle it properly.
  • Take a shaker and add the muddled mint and juice, sugar syrup, and crushed ice to it.
  • Then shake the shaker vigorously and strain that to glass.
  • Then top the glass with a soda and the mojito cocktail ready to drink.
 easy refreshing mojito cocktail recipe
Mojito cocktail recipe

I hope you all liked this mojito cocktail recipe its the easiest recipe of this cocktail. Do give it a try i promise you will love it its so much refreshing.

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