Kiwi flavored Virgin Mojito Mocktail recipe

This is the mock-tail that you will fell in love with after having it once and the taste of this mocktail is so refreshing which makes it best for summer. This virgin mojito is very easy to make so let’s start with the Kiwi flavored virgin mojito cocktail recipe:-

Ingredients for kiwi flavored Virgin Mojito Mocktail

  1. Kiwi (1 chopped)
  2. Fresh Mints
  3. Lemon juice (half big lemon)
  4. Sprite (150 ml)
  5. crushed ice (as required)

kiwi flavored Virgin Mojito Mocktail recipe

  1. In a muddler add some kiwi slices, 3 to 4 mint, and lemon juice to it and muddle it so that the flavors are released properly.
  2. Now add all of these to a cocktail tumbler add some crushed ice to it.
  3. to finish the Mocktail add a sprite to it and garnish with some kiwi and lemon slices.
kiwi flavored virgin Mojito Mocktail recipe

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