Best Quick Frothy Dalgona Coffee Recipe of 2020

I have shared the recipe of many beverages like cocktails and mocktails but the one here is the Dalgona coffee. Dalgona coffee is now the trending coffee nowadays and its very simple to make here is the Quick Frothy Dalgona Coffee Recipe. All you need for this coffee is a coffee powder, some sugar or you can also use honey, ice cubes, and chilled milk. One most important thing you need for this frothy dalgona coffee is patience. So here is the recipe for the simple, quick and frothy dalgona coffee:-

Quick Frothy Dalgona Coffee Recipe
Quick Frothy dalgona coffee recipe

Ingredients Frothy Dalgona coffee

1.Instant Coffee Powder4 tbsp
2.Sugar3 tbsp
3.Water2 tbsp
4.Milk Chilled1000 ml
5.Ice Cubes 

Quick Frothy Dalgona Coffee Recipe

  1. Take a cup to add 4 tbsp coffee powder and 3 tbsp sugar to it.
  2. Now add 2 TBSP milk to it and whisk it vigorously. Whisk the milk and coffee powder till it becomes creamy, fluffy and light.
  3. Now take a glass in which the dalgona coffee has to be served and put two to three ice cubes in the glass.
  4. Now pour the chilled milk in the glass and fill the glass 3/4.
  5. Then take the whipped coffee and put it on the top of the glass of milk.
  6. Finally your dalgona coffee is ready to be served.

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