Top 3 Best Saradin Fish Recipes

Saradin fish recipes looks interesting right So, I believe you cannot do any proper recipe with just a can of sardines, right? Wrong-wrong-wrong-wrong 3 Mind-blowing dishes now Shared. The only dish I could have think of when it comes to kind of Sardine would have been just Sardines on a plate with a hunk of bread on the side.

It’s not that it’s not good… It’s just a bit repetitive. That was before because now I know that you can do so much more with just a can of sardines. And I’m gonna share -oops- and I intend to share all my recipes and all my discoveries with you guys That’s the main purpose of this post otherwise there’s no point.

Lets know about sardine before knowing the best saradin fish recipes !!!!!

saradin fish recipes
Sardine fish

“Hey guys, So first off, you need to know five things about sardines. They are cheap and yes, I realize that having this as my first point makes me look a bit tight Second, you can keep those out of the fridge for about, you know an approximate period of… Forever. Everything inside is cooked. Which I’m sure you will agree is safer considering the previous point.

For the texture of the fish, the flesh itself is very fragile So you gotta take extra care when you deal with them. And five, it’s on the fatty side. I mean sardine is an oily fish. Which is preserved in all so oil. Oil in oil it’s not like a double negative It doesn’t work this way. That’s it for the theoretical stuff

So now to the practical stuff: the recipes Easy a bit less shorter or longer Italian, Indian, French, I believe there is one recipes for each and every one of you.

Lets start with the saradin fish recipes :-

1.Marinated Sardines

This is my take on a french classic called fish in escabèche sauce. I know “escabèche” sounds fancy But it’s just about hot marination Garlic. A blood orange (a regular orange works fine). Parsley. Onions. Carrots. Celery and a blend of spices.

I’ve used cloves, coriander seeds, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, black peppercorns, pink peppercorns Place a saucepan over medium heat Drop in a third of a cup of vinegar. To bring more flavors in I’m adding some pickling juice Does it look weird? .

It has perfect ratios of salt and acid Squeeze the orange juice in for tang and sweetness and grate the skin Next drop everything in saucepan except for garlic and parsley You need to cook and infuse all those flavors for about 8-10 minutes just to get rid of the first acidic kick In the meantime take a can of sardines place them in a dish.

Those were preserved in olive oil so I’m using that liquid as well Add a few bits of garlic cloves and some parsley Gently pour over the hot marination and let that sit in the fridge overnight enjoy those cold on a garlicky toast Tangy, intense, crispy, spicy, and so fresh. This is definitely my kind of best recipe

2. Glazed and smoked Sardines

This one is inspired by a Japanese dish called Unagi Don. So classically, it would be eel fish glazed with sweet soy, sake, and mirin sauce, and broiled over a charcoal grill So if I may, there are a few challenges in this recipe because I’ve got no sake, no mirin, no charcoal grill, and no eel Maybe we change recipe? No! We don’t change recipes! Now, you just build on something in a saucepan over medium-low heat.

Drop in half a cup of water half a cup of vinegar 1/2 a cup of Molasses, or a full cup of dark sugar And a cup of soy sauce I don’t have a charcoal grill so to get the same barbecue effect, simply add a couple tablespoons of smoked Paprika in the Saucepan and cook that for 10 minutes on low heat To get a silky and shiny finish, add a teaspoon of corn or potato starch diluted in a bit of water Now open a can of sardines.

Thoroughly Coat each filet in the sweet and sticky sauce and then place it on top of warm and fluffy white rice Add a few spring onions, sprinkle some sesame seeds, and Voilà! Sticky Smokey caramelized and the tang from the sauce cuts through the fattiness of the fish.

3.Sardines and Fennel pasta

Pre cook a handful of pasta. The best would be bucatini but spaghetti is great too.Stop like two minutes before fully cooked strain, but keep some water for later Now we chop an onion Garlic clove and some parsley. Trim off the tiny tender leaves from the fennel, and chop them up roughly Now chop up the fennel finely into strips Rehydrate a handful of raisin by soaking them in boiling hot water Place a pan over medium heat. Add a drizzle of olive oil.

Drop the onion the garlic, the raisins. To give it a nice color just use a Saffron if you’ve got some or just you know tomato paste if you’re let’s say, you know more casual Add fennel strips, mix that up. Add cashews or any nuts you have. Now pour in some leftover water from your pasta.

Close the lid and cook that for ten minutes on low heat Then add your pasta, but do not overcrowd it Open a can of sardines and add them in chunks Sprinkle with Fennel tops, Parsley, breadcrumbs, and lemon zest Finally a nice squeeze of lemon Everything works great in this dish and not only because it’s Italian Sardines and Pasta bring some richness Lemon Parsley and Fennel take care of the freshness you also got some good crunch from the cashews and the breadcrumbs Humble and Flavorful. That could be a definition of Italian cuisine

So these are the 3 Best saradin fish recipes for all who think and are confused or want to try some amazing saradin fish recipes

I hope you must have liked these saradin fish recipes and i must say that you must try these and i promise you will love them.

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