Best 4 Egg breakfast recipes

The egg is an essential part of the morning breakfast for most people. Also, everyone wants breakfast which is easy to cook, nutritious, and can be cooked in a short time. So here are the different egg breakfast recipes for every one . Also, morning breakfast with eggs is very healthy to give a kick start to the day:-

Boiled eggs

Boiling eggs is a skill that every home cook should have but you’d be surprised how many people don’t actually know how to do it. Here I will tell you everything you need to know to boil eggs.

you have to take your eggs and place them in a single layer in the bottom of a pot or saucepan. You want one that has a lid to go with it and we’ll take it over to the sink and fill it with enough cold water to cover the eggs with one inch of water.

Then we’ll place this on the stove and bring it to a boil over high heat. You don’t want to get too violent of a rolling boil otherwise the eggs may crack. So once it just comes to a simmer you’ll put thelid on and immediately turn off the heat.

For super soft boiled eggs let them sit in the hot water for four minutes. For a little more cook on the egg white let them sit for six minutes. If you want a hard-boiled egg you’re gonna let it sit in the hot water for eight to twelve minutes depending on how cooked you want your egg yolk. If you’re making deviled eggs or dyeing Easter eggs you’ll want to do the full 12 minutes.

While that’s sitting in the hot water you’ll want to take a large bowl and fill it with ice and cold water to create an ice bath. Then when the eggs are done you’ll remove them with some tongs and plunge them into the ice bath so that the eggs stop cooking.

Now to make hard-boiled eggs that are easy to peel there’s a lot of tricks out there that work a little bit, maybe, maybe not, like adding vinegar to your boiling water. The best trick I’ve found is to use steam. So instead of placing eggs into a pot or a saucepan you are going to place them into a steamer basket instead.

you have to get some cold water in the bottom of a pot and then you gonna set the steamer basket right over the top and then crank up the heat to bring this to a boil. Then similar to the boiling method, once the water comes to a boil you’ll set a timer.

The only difference is that this time you’ll leave the flame on. Once the eggs have cooled in the ice bath for 10 minutes you can give him a gentle crack and start peeling and you’ll see that especially the steamed eggs peel quite well.

Another factor that impacts how easy eggs are to peel is the age of the eggs. Older eggs are easier to peel souse those eggs that have been sitting in the fridge for a while and that’s it.

Egg breakfast recipes Indian

The eggs can be called boiled but in the start, water should not rolling boil instead it is simmering. Boiled eggs are classified into three categories according to the time the eggs boiled.

  1. Soft boiled – The eggs in this boiled for around 3 to 5 minutes depending on the size of the egg.
  2. Medium boiled – The eggs in this boiled for around 7 to 8 minutes depending on the size of the egg.
  3. Hard-boiled – The eggs in this boiled for around 10 to 15 minutes depending on the size of the egg.

Here is the tip over cooking the egg will make the yolk dark and hard so avoid doing that.

Poached Egg

egg breakfast recipes
  • A good poached egg should have a tender white surrounding with an unbroken yolk, it should be shiny and compact.
  • The poaching liquid( 500 ml water + 15 ml vinegar + 1 teaspoon salt) should be at poaching temperature (70 degrees Celsius to 96 degrees Celsius).
  • Then break the egg in a bowl and then stir the poaching liquid for 3 to four-time in a circular motion.
  • Then slide the broken egg from the bowl to the poaching liquid.
  • when done then take a perforated spoon and take the poached egg.
  • Here the tip is that take the fresh egg as it will make the poached egg more attractive.

Fried Egg

egg breakfast recipes
  1. Sunnyside up – In this fry the eggs in butter but do not flip and cook the egg till yolk is medium cook and the white is firm.
  2. Scrambled egg – In this, the whole egg is beaten up and little milk is added then it is fried and broken while frying.
  3. Over easy – In this the sunny side up is prepared and while frying cover it to form a white layer.
  4. Turned over – In this the sunny side up is flipped till the white and yolk are firmed.


egg breakfast recipes

Omelettes are fantastic! They’re cheap, they’re flexible you can use all sorts of different things: crispy bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheeses, you name it! I think omelettes are the kind of thing that don’t really get the sort of credit that’s due actually if they are cooked beautifully they are incredible.

They are cheap You’ll be laughing’ Personally I use three eggs for a main course omelette Just crack them in like this Get your egg, crack it on the side, So, pinch of salt… and pepper… Like that! Some people put milk and cream…I don’t!… At all!… I got a pan, the right sized pan… about, sort of, 7 inches, I guess…

That’s on a medium heat whisk up your eggs… Just a little bit of oil… extra virgin’s obviously is a nicer way to go a knob of butter in there… let that start to melt… give it a chivy about in the pan you wanna coat the bottom of the pan like that.

The great thing about omelettes and eggs is that if you get the first one wrong, then learn from it, try again and just get it perfect! If is too dark, cook it less If is too hard, cook it less If is too soft, cook it more So… we’re gonna turn that down a little bit there.

You want it about medium heat,don’t rush it, otherwise if you cook eggs too hard and too fast, you get horrible sort of crispiness to it which we don’t like. Now, for the first 20 seconds you can bring in the eggs from the sides, and where the gap is, there, don’t worry just tilt the pan and then you can bring it in , and then you can tilt the pan.

Then, after about 30 seconds, you’ll wanna squiggle the egg around one last time and turn the heat down a bit and I’m putting a little bit of cheddar cheese in now you could use all sorts of different cheese but I think cheddar cheese is just great you need the tiniest amount and this is just for a basic omelette.

So just grate the cheese over the omelette and You can see that the eggs still look a little soft around. That’s good because the egg you don’t want it to be overcooked and hard, You want it to be silky and delicious. But, yes! You don’t want it raw. So just gonna let it just take over on a low heat now for about 40 seconds Just as you see some sort of softness of the eggs just start turning.

Then you can just go around the edges don’t sort of over touch it just go around the edges and just lodge it non-stick pans for this, really essential,I think unless you got a good old cast-iron one See if you can move the omelette into one side get it underneath and don’t overcook the omelette and then just flap it, that’s all we want And that is heavenly you will see a tiny bit of colour which is enough loads of colour and it’s gone hard.

Then all you have to do is just serve it! And in the middle there you’ll have a beautiful omelette I mean that you know, as a snack, with a salad, cold meats just on its own, a tiny bit of ketchup, lovely, chopped tomatoes, you can start making your own omelettes up just by frying, let’s say, mushrooms

In this one can add some veggies and other items according to the preference it should be cooked around 60 – 70 degree Celsius. Also cook and beat the egg properly . A perfect omelette should be soft in center ,soft and fluffy and yellow in color.


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