Yummy Teriyaki chicken recipe (2020)

Chicken as we all know is the most common type of poultry used. Earlier I have shared the recipe of butter chicken and now I am sharing the yummy Teriyaki chicken recipe.

Teriyaki is basically a cooking technique used in Japanese cuisines. In this technique, chicken is grilled or it is broiled with mirin, sugar, and soy sauce. Mirin is basically a condiment in Japanese cuisine it is similar to rice wine’s sake but the basic difference is that mirin has lower alcoholic content and higher sugar.

Finally I am sharing the recipe of teriyaki chicken just try it once:-

yummy Teriyaki chicken recipe

Ingredients for yummy Teriyaki chicken recipe

1.skinless boneless chicken thighs600 grams
2.oil1 tbsp
3.white granulated sugar3 tbsp
4.Sake3 tbsp 
5.Minced garlic2 tbsp
6.shallot/green onion stem1 sliced to garnish
7.some broccoli florets 
8.soy sauce1/4 cup
9.Mirin or white wine2 tbsp
10.Cornflour1 tbsp


  1. Add sake, sugar, mirin or white wine and soy sauce in a bowl and whisk it properly.
  2. Now take a large pan and heat oil in it then add chicken into it. Stir fry the chicken till they are crisp and lightly browned and keep them aside
  3. Take a pan to add little oil add minced garlic and ginger to it cook them for around 40 seconds on medium flame.
  4. Add mirin, sugar, sake, and soy sauce mixture to the pan and keep stirring till it thickens if required add some cornflour to it.
  5. Now add the stir-fried chicken and some steamed broccoli to it.
  6. Finally, the teriyaki chicken is ready to be served, you can serve it with steamed rice.

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